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A Night at the Opera

Une Nuit a l’Opera

France 2020 Documentary pb 20 min.

Based on archive footage from the 1950s and 1960s, the film revisits gala soirees at the Opera de Paris, frequented by the French and international celebrities, royalties and heads of states. With exquisite editing style and soft humour, the director Sergei Loznitsa revives the glamorous era, when kings and queens, presidents and film stars ascended the stairs of the Garnier temple to worship the art of opera. This short movie is part of the feature film "Celles qui Chantent".

France documentary music social portrait art short film


Sergei Loznitsa


Sergei Loznitsa


Danielius Kokanauskis


Philippe Martin, Dimitri Krassoulia-Vronsky

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Les Films Pelleas