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International Perspective

A Pleasure, Comrades!

Prazer, Camaradas!

Portugal 2019 Documentary cor 105 min.

1975, post-Carnation Revolution Portugal, many foreigners and Portugueses from the North came to the center of the country to help out in newly formed co-ops. But their progressive views on customs and sexuality soon clash with local mores. The film was born out of a series of oral accounts, literary texts and journals concerning this experience. Between the Portuguese villagers and the foreigners, who were also referred to as revolutionary tourists, some tensions grew, as did complicity and, in some cases, love.

Presented at Locarno Film Festival and London Film Festival.

Portugal documentary history social portrait politics international festivals


José Filipe Costa


José Filipe Costa


Hugo Azevedo


João Braz


Filipa Reis, João Miller Guerra

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Uma Pedra no Sapato


Bretz Filmes