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New Directors Competition

The Names of the Flowers

Los Nombres de Las Flores

Canada, USA, Bolivia, Qatar 2019 Fiction cor 79 min.
Bolivia celebrates the 50th anniversary of Ernesto “Che” Guevara’s death. Julia, a teacher from the countryside, is invited to tell her story to the world: she gave shelter to the guerilla and served them peanut soup, while Che recited a poem about flowers, only a few hours before this death. The invitation, however, is cancelled when other women claim the “soup and flowers” story as their own.

Canada USA Bolivia Qatar history Latin America


Bahman Tavoosi


Bahman Tavoosi


Nicolas Taborga


Lucas Villegas


Jorge Hidalgo, Barbara Flores, Jose Luis Garibaldi Duran


Aonan Yang, Andreas Mendritzki, Andrea.D Gutierrez, Gisela Savdie Wendy Donnan, Abhay Shahin, Farrah Assadi Bolvarde

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Nirvana Film Production, La Gacela Ciega Production, Fire Twins Production, Green Ground, Doha Film Institute, Cine Ground