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La Planta

La Planta

Brazil 2020 Documentary cor 50 min.

The team of La Planta travels to Uruguay, the first country in Latin America to legalize cannabis, to meet important characters which, through their own experiences, tell us the trajectory of this plant. The film gathers different perspectives with testimonies of cultivators, artisan producers, entrepreneurs of the entire scale, in addition to patients, doctors, biologists, chemists and associations, all of them orbiting the fact that medicinal use of cannabis heals and helps to improve quality of life of patients.

Brazil documentary marijuana Uruguay health


Beto Brant


Beto Brant, Yael Steiner, Renato Ciasc


Leleco Maestrelli


Manga Campion


Renato Ciasca, Yael Steiner

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Drama Filmes, Yael Steiner Cine