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Colombia In My Arms

Colombia In My Arms

Finland, France, Denmark, Norway 2020 Documentary cor 91 min.

After 52 years of armed conflicts in Colombia, the Farc guerrillas are ready to hand over their arms in exchange for political participation and social inclusion of the poor. Ernesto is one of them. With the celebrated peace agreement, he finds himself in the chaos of a society that is afraid of the future and fears for their own survival. Ernesto wants a pacific life, without his weapons, but this objective is complicated by enemies: a right-wing politician and a descendant of Spanish conquerors, who want to free Colombia from the Farc bandits. An intimate portrait of a deeply unequal country, which reflects on colonialism, capitalism and what keeps us going as humanity.

Finland France Denmark Norway Colombia documentary female directors history politics Latin America


Jenni Kivistö, Jussi Rastas


Jenni Kivistö, Jussi Rastas


Jussi Rastas


Jenni Kivistö, Jussi Rastas, Sully Reed, Antti Jääskeläinen


Povl Kristian


Markku Tuurna

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