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Mostra Brasil

Shine Your Eyes

Cidade Pássaro

Brazil, France 2020 Fiction cor 102 min.

Amadi is a musician in his 30s who lives in Nigeria. He travels to Brazil to try to find his brother, who works as a Mathematician in a technological institute, in São Paulo. When he gets there, however, Amadi discovers that the institute doesn’t even exist. Following weak leads, he realizes that his brother is not the distinguished professional he claimed to be. During his search, Amadi has to choose between the loyalty to his broken family and a new life in São Paulo.

Presented at Berlin International Film Festival.

Brazil France Nigeria family drama social portray international festivals


Matias Mariani


Matias Mariani, Chika Anadu, Francine Barbosa, Júlia Murat, Maíra Bühler, Roberto Winter


Leonardo Bittencourt


Isabelle Dedieu, Luisa Marques


Flemming Nordkrog


OC Ukeje, Indira Nascimento, Paulo André, Ike Barry, Chukwudi Iwuji


Matias Mariani, Marie-Pierre Macia, Juliana Funaro, Claire Gadea, Renata Wolter, Issis Valenzuela, Junyoung Jang

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Primo Filmes, Tabuleiro Filmes


Vitrine Filmes