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Ocean Woman

Mulher Oceano

Brazil, Japan 2020 Fiction cor 99 min.

After relocating to Tokyo, a Brazilian writer begins a new novel, provoked by her experiences in Japan and by one of the last scenes she witnessed in Rio de Janeiro: a female swimmer tearing up the horizon with powerful strokes in the wide, open sea. Those two women apparently share no connection, until their lives start to interfere in one another, strangely linked through the sea. Hannah, the writer, plunges into a journey of self-discovery in Japan, while Ana, the swimmer in Rio de Janeiro, oddly has her body transformed into some kind of inner Ocean.

Brazil female directors Japan mystery


Djin Sganzerla


Djin Sganzerla, Vana Medeiros


André Guerreiro Lopes


Karen Akerman


Rafael Cavalcanti


Djin Sganzerla, Kentaro Suyama, Stênio Garcia, Lucélia Santos, Gustavo Falcão, Rafael Zulu, Jandir Ferrari


Djin Sganzerla, Ludmila Patrício, Fernanda Romero, Cavi Borges

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Elo Company