Markku Lehmuskallio

Born in Rauma, Finland, in 1938, Markku became a ranger in 1963. His life changed when he lost everything in a fire. Interested in photography, he bought a 16mm camera and made films for the Finnish TV. He directed movies like The Blue Mammy (1985, 10th Mostra), Uhri – The Sacrifice (1999, 23rd Mostra) and A Bride of the Seventh Heaven (2003, 28th Mostra). Anerca, Breath of Life was directed in partnership with Johannes Lehmuskallio, his son.

Filmes já exibidos na mostra

  • The Blue Mammy (10ª MOSTRA)
  • Uhri - o Sacrifício (23ª MOSTRA)
  • A Bride of the Seventh Heaven (28ª MOSTRA)