The fourth edition of Forum Mostra will take place online, following the sanitary protocols for covid-19. While adapting for these new circumstances, the iV Forum Mostra became leaner and more international.

Usually held at the auditorium of Itaú Cultural, this year’s debates will be broadcast online on the platforms of Itaú Cultural and Mostra. The central program will be divided into three days  —from October 28th to October 30th.

in 2020, cinemas were closed and shootings were interrupted. at the same time, the consumption of films and series exploded. The IV Forum aims to contribute to discussions about the present and the future of a business that, despite all the challenges imposed by the pandemic, is more alive than ever.

One of the themes that will be debated at the Forum is the importance of memory and preservation in the audiovisual sector. at a time when the Brazilian cinematheque is threatened by the biggest institutional crisis in its history, the São Paulo International Film Festival will give the Humanity award to the organization’s employees, and promote discussions about the challenges and possibilities of cinematheques today.

Another discussion proposed by the IV Forum focuses on “the new ways of seeing”. in the 1950s, French film critic andré Bazin asked the following question in the title of a book that would become paramount: “what is cinema?”. as streaming grows rapidly and theaters are temporarily closed because of the pandemic, there may be new answers to that question.

The audiovisual chain was forced to reinvent itself due to changes in consumers’ habits during isolation, the cancellation of festivals, and the closing of sets. in the future, what will cinema look like and how will it be seen? What have the industry professionals learned from the audience’s behavior during covid-19? What will be the relationship between theaters and streaming platforms?

The return to sets in Brazil is another theme that will be addressed by the Forum. We will learn about the experiences of those who decided to resume filming this year and found themselves sharing the set with nurses and doctors, making script changes, and dealing with Covid-19 tests.

Finally, a theme that has been central to Forum Mostra since its first edition will be debated again: the importance of public policies to support local production. The starting point for this year’s discussion will be the current crisis of ancine, the Brazilian film agency.


Once again, the IV Forum hosts From Word to Image, a pitching event where film producers will hear about books that have the potential to be adapted into films and series.

This year, the meetings will take place online over the three days of the Forum, and will be centered around the theme Brazilian narratives. Those meetings will allow conversations between publishers and authors of fiction and non-fiction books, revealing details and possibilities of their work.

From Word to Image is curated by Paulo Werneck, editor of Quatro cinco um magazine, and coordinated by producer Denise Gomes.