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Zanka Contact

Zanka Contact

France, Morocco, Belgium 2020 Fiction cor 120 min.

In hellish Casablanca, a car-crash starts a love story between has-been rocker Larsen and the streetwise Rajae. Larsen’s guitar and Rajae’s voice could be heaven, if only everything didn’t get in the way. The only hope for their romance seems to be to leave the city. Is there a way out of this crazy Moroccan underworld with its collection of sadistic policemen, venomous snakes, metal concerts? Maybe the answer lies in a song —the one they’ve been writing and dreaming together: Zanka Contact.

Winner of best actress award (Khansa Batma) at Horizons section at Venice International Film Festival.

France Morocco Belgium underworld music love relationship awarded films


Ismaël El Iraki


Ismaël El Iraki


Benjamin Rufi


Camille Mouton


Alexandre Tartière, Neyl Nejjai


Khansa Batma, Ahmed Hammoud, Saïd Bey, Abderrahmane Oubihem, Mourad Zaoui, Fatima Attif


Saïd Hamich Benlarbi, Sebastian Schelenz

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Barney Production, Mont Fleuri Production, Velvet Films

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