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New Directors Competition

A Machine to Live In

A Machine to Live In

USA 2020 Documentary cor 87 min.

The documentary explores and connects the architecture of Brasilia, with Oscar Nyemier’s iconic buildings, and mysticism. Could the buildings, with its interesting shapes, capture cosmic energies? Is that why, in Brasilia, surface UFO studies, masonic and spiritualist cults? This American production shows the Brazilian capital as a city that was born from utopian desires, but not as triumph or failure - as a place that favors alternative cosmologies. The film calls itself a “sci-fi documentary” and provides a complex portray of life, poetry and myths.

Presented at Visions du Réel film festival.

USA Brazil architecture faith religion documentary international festivals poetry


Yoni Goldstein, Meredith Zielke


Yoni Goldstein


Andrew Benz


Iva Radivojevic, Stefan Oliveira-Pita


Sebastian Alvarez

produzido por

Benz Digital, Mass Ornament Films