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A Common Crime

Un Crime Común

Argentina, Brazil, Switzerland 2020 Fiction cor 96 min.

Cecilia is a teacher who has a good financial life and lives alone with her daughter. On a rainy night, Kevin, the housekeeper’s son, knocks on the door, but Cecilia is too afraid to let him in. The next day, the teenager’s body is found in the river. Kevin’s impourish neighborhood accuses the police of having hounded the young man. Meanwhile, Cecilia begins to confuse reality and fantasy, as she believes to be seeing and hearing things. Would Cecilia be losing her mind or would her visions be an expression of her own guilt? With this ghostly narrative, director and writer Francisco Márquez shows the social inequality in Argentina between rich and poor, employers and employees.

Presented at Berlin International Film Festival.

Argentina Brazil Switzerland social portrait supernatural


Francisco Márquez


Francisco Márquez, Tomás Downey


Federico Lastra


Lorena Moriconi


Orlando Scarpa Neto


Elisa Carricajo, Mecha Martínez, Eliot Otazo, Ciro Coien Pardo, Cecilia Rainero


Luciana Piantanida, Andrea Testa, Francisco Márquez

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