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Mostra Brasil

New Directors Competition

Tentehar - Sensitive Architecture

Tentehar - Arquitetura do Sensível

Brazil 2020 Documentary cor 89 min.

Tentehar means the real man. During the presidential election in Brazil, the film investigates the civilizational, political, human rights and environmental crisis that is taking over the country. The Araribóia Indigenous Land tribe preserves its sustainable lifestyle and saw one of its leaders being murdered by loggers in 2019. The film seeks to portray what moves men to fight for their right to exist in a dignified manner. Based on records of the different ways of survival of the Brazilian people, we are faced with traditional rituals of a mixed race of indigenous people, blacks and whites, who express their own reality and ways of life outside parties or religious paradigms and theories.

documentary Brazil nature politics environment female directors indigenous


Paloma Rocha, Luís Abramo


Luís Abramo


Alexandre Gwaz


Jayme Alem


Luís Abramo, Carlos Travassos, Marcos Moura, Bruno Magalhães

produzido por

Paloma Cinematográfica, Luba Filmes