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Sportin` Life

Sportin` Life

France 2020 Documentary cor 65 min.

The documentary is kind of a journal by director Abel Ferrara from 2020 February, date of the presentation of his last feature, “Siberia”, at Berlin Film Festival (shortly before the whole world was quarantined due to the pandemic of the new Coronavirus), until August. Ferrara shows his own life with an intimate look, his world refracted through his art —music, filmmaking, his collaborators and inspirations such as Ferrara’s early works and his creative partnerships with Willem Dafoe, Joe Delia, Paul Hipp and the musicians who inspired this work.

Presented at Venice and San Sebastián film festivals.

France documentary international festivals coronavirus pandemic social distancing


Abel Ferrara


Sean Price Williams


Leonardo Daniel Bianchi, Stephen Gurewitz


Joe Delia


Anthony Vaccarello, Gary Farkas, Clément Lepoutre, Olivier Muller, Diana Phillips

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Saint Laurent, Vixens