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Poppie Nongena

Poppie Nongena

South Africa 2020 Fiction cor 98 min.

The real story of Poppie Nongena, a South African woman whose life revolves around her family. She finds stability in a period of immense upheaval in South Africa, at a time when African women are forced to leave their homes and settle in remote areas designated as black homelands. Poppie finds a job “to live in”, seeing her children briefly on weekends. When her husband, Stone, becomes ill, Poppie is considered by law to be an illegal resident in her own country. She is in a desperate struggle for permission to stay. Her focus is firmly on the well-being and education of her children.

South Africa biopic literary adaptation racism


Christiaan Olwagen


Christiaan Olwagen, Saartjie Botha


Vicci Turpin


Eva Du Preez


Clementine Mosimane, Chris Gxalaba, Rolanda Marais, Siya Mayola, Letlotlo Zimkitha Mohlabeng


Helena Spring

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Helena Spring Films

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