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A Look at Fernando Coni Campos

O Mágico e o Delegado

O Mágico e o Delegado

Brazil 1983 Fiction cor 103

A magician and his assistant arrive in a small town in the interior of Bahia, Brazil, to present a variety show. The duo’s debut is thwarted by the arrogance of the local police chief. The next day is the town’s market day. Moved by the poverty of the place, Paloma suggests to the magician a great magic that brings the abundance where misery exists, what is done. However, the magic is brief and soon the city returns to its usual poverty. There is a great revolt and the police chief arrests the magician. In jail he is placed in a common cell with four other prisoners; the presence of the magician breaks the routine of prison life and a series of amazing and wonderful things begin to happen.

Brazil prison social portrait


Fernando Coni Campos


Fernando Coni Campos, Mário Carneiro


Mário Carneiro


Roberto Pires, Eunice Gutman, Walter Goulart


Nelson Jacobina, Zezinho Moura


Nelson Xavier, Mario Gadelha, Tânia Alves, Cacilda Alves, Luthero Luis, Fredy Ribeiro


Maria Augusta São Paulo

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Sani Filmes