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The Vinland Club

Le Club Vinland

Canada 2020 Fiction cor 125 min.
Winter 1949. An exceptional teacher, highly devoted to the development of his students, brother Jean has long been the figurehead of a school for boys in Charlevoix, Québec. Adulated by the young students and supported by the school’s director, brother Jean exercises broad leadership and isn’t hesitant to employ unusual educational methods borrowed from theatre, cinema and scientific research. Although the higher ranks of the congregation sometimes find his methods a tad too inventive, his noticeable success with the young people has earned him the freedom to conduct his research as he pleases. But the arrival of a new student —Émile, a troubled 13-year-old— soon upsets the delicate arrangement.

youth maturing Canada


Benoit Pilon


Normand Bergeron, Benoit Pilon, Marc Robitaille


François Gamache


Richard Comeau


Guido Del Fabbro, Pierre Lapointe


Sébastien Ricard, Rémy Girard, François Papineau, Fabien Cloutier, Arnaud Vachon


Chantal Lafleur

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