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Nas Asas da Pan Am

Nas Asas da Pan Am

Brazil 2020 Documentary cor 112 min.
The film is an autobiography of the director Silvio Tendler, who celebrated his 70 years, and an analysis on the advances and setbacks of the world that he lives in. The documentary portrays the young man who lived in auto exile in Chile, in the 70’s, where he lived the dream of a socialism with freedom; who studied film in Paris; who was in Portugal during the Carnation Revolution; and who got back to Brazil when the country was starting its process of democratization. Tendler also has been in Cuba, Sovietic Union and in Germany, during the Cold War, recording worlds that no longer exist.

documentary Brazil cinema history politics biopic


Silvio Tendler


Silvio Tendler


Silvio Tendler, Edgar Moura, Lúcio Kodato, Maycon Almeida, Tao Burity, Victor Burgos, Tainá Ybarra, Tania Fusco, Paula Damasceno, Ecatherina Brasileiro, Fabiana Fersasi


Silvio Arnaut, Lilia Souza Diniz, Tao Burity


Esther Kreimer Grunfeld, Vinicius Junqueira, Henrique Peters, Guto Teixeira


Maycon Almeida

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Caliban Produções Cinematográficas