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My Rembrandt

My Rembrandt

Netherlands 2019 Documentary cor 97 min.

An eccentric, aristocratic Scot is looking for the ultimate place to hang his beloved portrait of a woman reading, and an animated Amsterdam art dealer has his eye out for a second chance to discover a new Rembrandt —this descendant of an old merchant family. An ambitious American businessman and his wife proudly make their Rembrandts available to the Louvre, and the Rothschild family’s decision to put Rembrandt’s wedding portraits on the market threatens to provoke a diplomatic row between the Netherlands and France. 350 years after the grand master of intimacy’s death, entire nations are more than ever obsessed with his paintings. My Rembrandt is an epic art thriller into the super exclusive world of the old masters collectors.

Presented at International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA).

Netherlands documentary female directors art international festivals


Oeke Hoogendijk


Oeke Hoogendijk


Sander Snoep, Gregor Meerman


Gys Zevenbergen


Juho Nurmela, Alex Simu


Frank van den Engel, Oeke Hoogendijk

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Discours Film

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