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Filho de Boi

Filho de Boi

Brazil 2019 Fiction cor 91 min.

In his first fiction film, filmmaker Haroldo Borges decided to use a few aspects of the documentary: the cast is formed by non-actors, who did not read the script. The film follows João, a 13-year-old boy who has a broken relationship with his father and dreams of leaving the small town where he lives, in the northeastern hinterland. When the circus arrives in the city, João becomes friends with a clown, who encourages him to face his fears. The film shows a current Brazil, revealing a universe of masculinity and prejudice which is urgent to reinvent itself.

Presented at Busan International Film Festival, in South Korea.

Brazil youth maturing parenthood family drama art friendship international festivals


Haroldo Borges


Paula Gomes, Haroldo Borges


Remo Albornoz


Andrea Kleinman, Juliano Castro


João Pedro Dias, Luiz Carlos Vasconcelos, Vinicius Bustani, Wilma Macedo, Jonas Laborda


Paula Gomes, Ernesto Molinero, Marcos Bautista

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Plano 3 Filmes