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Feels Good Man

Feels Good Man

USA 2020 Documentary cor 92 min.

In 2016, the United States began to divide between Donald Trump’s supporters and Hillary Clinton’s supporters —at that time, they were probable candidates to the presidency. Artist Matt Furie watched his comic character, Pepe The Frog, created a decade ago, turning into a symbol to the alt-right. He was tweeted by Trump, condemned by Hillary, declared a hate symbol by the Anti-Defamation League. The documentary shows the cultural rift in the US and also the struggle of an artist to recover the control over his vandalized creation.

Winner of the U.S. documentary Special Jury Award for emerging filmmaker at Sundance Film Festival. The film was also presented at CPH:DOX film festival.

USA art politics documentary awarded films


Arthur Jones


Giorgio Angelini, Arthur Jones, Aaron Wickenden


Giorgio Angelini, Ben Cox, Christian Bruno, Kurt Keppeler, Guy Mossman, David Usui


Aaron Wickenden, Drew Blatman, Katrina Taylor


Ari Balouzian, Ryan Hope


Georgio Angelini, Caryn Capotosto, Arthur Jones, Aaron Wickenden

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