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Between Us, A Secret

Entre Nós, Um Segredo

Braxil, Mexico, Burkina Faso 2020 Documentary cor 78 min.

The story of Toumani Kouyaté, who, in 2014, established with his family and living in Brazil, was surprised by the call of his grandfather to return urgently to Mali, his native country, along with more than 40 Malinese citizens living abroad to hear him tell one last story. His grandfather felt death approaching and needed to pass on the secrets of the nation to the younger Djelis lineage in order for them to continue with tradition. Oral culture, seen as one of the state’s greatest treasures, being able to protect them from war and crisis, is also an important social and political component that needs continuity.

Brazil documentary Mexico Burkina Faso Mali memory identity female directors


Beatriz Seigner, Toumani Kouyaté


Beatriz Seigner, Toumani Kouyaté


Beatriz Seigner


Veronica Saenz


Erica de Freitas, Beatriz Seigner, Bruna Haddad

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Miríade Filmes, Encantamento Filmes


Vitrine Filmes