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New Directors Competition

Between Dog and Wolf

Entre Perro y Lobo

Cuba, Spain, Colombia 2020 Documentary cor 75 min.

Immersed in the jungle of Sierra Maestra, three veterans of the Angolan War are reluctant to abandon the revolutionary spirit which brought them together as comrades over thirty years ago. From the mid-1970s to the late 1980s, Cuban troops supported the People’s Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA). The three veterans practice battle manoeuvres, smear themselves with mud, and head deeper and deeper into the dense fauna —with the viewer never knowing exactly where they are headed or why. Always on guard, they continue to train dressed in their old uniforms for an endless mission: a war game in which they still can feel respected, strong and, above all, spiritually young.

Presented at Berlin International Film Festival.

Cuba Spain documentary war memory international festivals female directors Latin America


Irene Gutiérrez


Irene Gutiérrez, Lisanda López Fabé


José Alayón


Cristóbal Fernández


Cristóbal Fernández, Rafael de Jesús Ramírez, Oscar Moreno


Miguel Soto, Alberto Santana, Juan Bautista López


Viana González, José Alayón, Marina Alberti

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Autonauta Films, El Viaje Films


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