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New Directors Competition

Back to Visegrad

Retour À Visegrad

Switzerland 2020 Documentary cor 94 min.

In April 1992, the war started in Yugoslavia. In the town of Visegrad, Eastern Bosnia, home of the famous bridge over the Drina, the school closes. From now on, Muslim and Serbian pupils who lived and studied together are separated. More than 25 years later, Budimir Zecevic, the school’s former director, and Djemila Krsmanovic, the teacher’s widow, start a long journey to maybe bring the kids together again.

Presented at Visions du Réel film festival.

documentary Switzerland war childhood history road movie female directors


Julie Biro, Antoine Jaccoud


Julie Biro, Antoine Jaccoud


Amel Djikoli


Dejan Savic


Elisa Garbar

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Louise Productions