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New Directors Competition

Tales from the Prison Cell

Tales from the Prison Cell

Hungary, Croatia, United Kingdom 2020 Documentary cor 83 min.

The documentary presents three incarcerated fathers. As we become familiar with their daily lives, we witness the distance and even the closeness that grows between the inmates and their families. As a way of keeping contact, the inmates write fairy tales for their kids which are then transformed into short movies with the children playing the lead roles. Within these stories, in the freedom created by fiction, fathers and children can be united once again.

Presented at Hot Docs Film Festival.

Hungary Croatia United Kingdom parenthood documentary family drama international festivals prison


Ábel Visky


Ábel Visky


István Kürti, Zágon Nagy


László Hargittai, Anna Vághy


Asher Goldschmidt


Eszter Gyárfás

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Proton Cinema

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Taskovski Films