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New Directors Competition

Life on the Road

Life on the Road

Iraq 2020 Documentary cor 72 min.

In 2015, producer Bahman Ghobadi, along with colleagues, taught film to children in a refugee camp, in Iraq. After the classes, the kids made their own films, based on their own lives. The videos gave rise to the documentary Life on the Border, which premiered at Berlin International Film Festival in 2016 and was presented at 40th Mostra. Now, four of these young filmmakers go back to their birth towns, in Syria, which are now free from ISIS. The four short films form a new documentary, Life on the Road.

Iraq documentary Syria refugees come back home youth maturing


Sidra Rezwan, Salva Soleiman Sedo, Ekhlas Heydar Samubud, Adnan Faroq


Soran Ebrahim, Mohammad Towrivarian, Salva Soleiman Sedo, Adnan Faroq


Ehsan Vaseghi


Bahman Ghobadi

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Mij Film