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New Directors Competition

The Death of Cinema and My Father Too

Moto Shel Hakolnoa Veshel Aba Sheli Gam

Israel 2020 Fiction cor 103 min.

A mix of fiction and documentary, the film follows filmmaker Assaf, who is about to have his first child. Alongside his family, he receives the news that there is an imminent Iranian attack on Tel Aviv. His father, Yoel, wants to take everybody to a safe place, in Jerusalem. Before they go, however, Assaf manages to convince Yoel to play the main role in his new movie, which melts the fiction world into a bittersweet reality.

Part of Cannes Film Festival official selection.

Israel cinema parenthood family drama war international festivals


Dani Rosenberg


Dani Rosenberg, Itay Kohay


David Stragmeister


Nilli Feller, Guy Nemesh


Yuval Semo, Jaroslaw Bester


Marek Rozenbaum, Roni Kuban, Ina Rosenberg, Noa Koler, Natan Rosenberg


Stav Morag Meron, Dani Rosenberg, Carol Polakoff

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Pardes Films

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